Making Sense of Big Data

ML and AI are, at first sight, very powerful but sometimes complex to setup. Join me in understanding the basics of AI and ML on Reinforcement Learning fused to Gamification.

Screenshot from Unity3D Project -Image by Giovanni Mariotta

Today you turn on your TV, you listen to the radio, you read a newspaper and, unbelievable… you most probably come across about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning Typology

Machine Learning…

Stabilization is the process of getting the release branch into a releasable state. This means that is critical the decision about which changes are allowed or not. Read this article on how to decide, monitor, and define KPI that can improve your next release.

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Yes, I know, I know… especially if you are working into Agile Framework, you are thinking that after each sprint your master stream contains already shippable software with added business value, and that code freeze strategy is an “Agile anti-pattern”.

Surprises and bitter taste on developers’ mouth after WWCD 2021 announcements

From Apple Web site

iOS 15

Connectivity is the main topic of iOS 15. No matter what, but people shall be connected and communicate with each other with Apple devices with the same feeling as they stand in the same room. Craig Federighi presented the new enhanced and integrated features for FaceTime.

  • Voice Isolation — in practice it classifies all noise during the call and they are removed by applying machine learning, enhancing the voice of the user.
  • Usability — grid user interface in multi-users call with a highlight to the grid associated with…

Comparing iPad 12.9" 2020 and 2012 and what to expect

This is another magical art performed by Apple: the integration of the M1 processor in the iPad Pro family. Everybody was thrilled when Apple announced during the last Apple Event. Read this article, and let’s forecast what is going to happen. Now we only now one part of the full story.

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Got it, I received the iPad 2021 M1-based chip with 2TB storage space… and now?


Only the 12.9" model packs…


Sw Architect — Curious about new technologies! I don’t like to only watch them… I need to touch them!

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